Wednesday, October 23, 2013

"School Night Dinner Ideas"

Families are busier than ever.  Sometimes it is just easier to pull through the drive-thru or order pizza.  But after awhile that takes a huge toll on family time, wallets, and waistlines.  The solution to the dinner time crunch is my meal planner "School Night Dinner Ideas".  Fifteen years in the making, these dinner ideas are packed full of family friendly recipes.  Each issue has five easy dinner recipes and a weekly grocery list.  The meal planners are designed so you don't waste food.  For instance, if there is a box of rice on the grocery list, more than one recipe will call for rice, so the box doesn't go to waste.  

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The meal plans can be printed from a computer or pulled up on a smart phone or tablet at the grocery store or in the kitchen.  The average fast food meal costs about $7 and is about 500 calories per person, so just imagine how much money and how many calories are saved when you cook at home!

You can order all 30 issues of "School Night Dinner Ideas" to be immediately downloaded on your device.  For the price of one fast food dinner, you can have 250 recipes and 30 grocery lists!

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P.S. If you type "Send Me a Dinner Idea" in the contact field above and tell us some of the items you have in your fridge,  we will reply with a dinner idea and grocery list (use a valid email address if you want the reply)