Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Endangered Family Meal

Over the last thirty years, the family dinner has become an after-thought.  We aren’t prepared, and when dinner time comes, we just give up and order pizza, or grab something from the drive-thru!  We are feeding our family from strange kitchens almost every night, and it is taking a toll.  If American families have access to the highest quality food in the world, why are we still feeding our families from greasy bags and boxes?

Not only are kids getting fatter, they are more stressed than ever before.  In my opinion, kid’s health and social problems coincide with the almost-extinct homemade dinner.  When parents take time to prepare homemade meals, and gather everyone around the table, they are nourishing their family’s body and soul.  Dinnertime is the magical hour when everyone is face to face without distraction.  It is a chance to be fully present with the people you love.  Not only does home cooked food provide better nutrition, it also fosters listening, planning, discovery, laughter, respect, empathy, and cohesiveness.  Some of my best family adventures were mapped out at the dinner table!

So what is the solution to saving supper?  First, you have to resolve to do it.  Next, you have to plan for it.  If you don’t have everything you need to cook at home…you won’t.   The solution to this problem is getting everything you need from the grocery store, for the entire week, in one trip.  The best thing to do is take time to pick out five easy dinner recipes and compile a grocery list.   Not only will you save supper--you will also save time and money!  And of course,

 does that for you!  No excuses, get cooking!

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